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Studio Penny Lane – Holiday Gift Guide

Studio Penny Lane Apothecary Jars (and more!) 
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Studio Penny Lane StealsNDealsWithTSKStudio Penny Lane StealsNDealsWithTSK

Studio Penny Lane Pennies from Heaven Apothecary Jar in Amber – Price $30 ($24 after promo code)

Studio Penny Lane A Penny from Heaven Poem Jar in Amber – Price $30 ($24 after promo code)
The holidays are full of joy with family and friends, and we always take a moment to share some of our favorite memories of those who are no longer with us.  In our family, our grandparents on both sides were amazing people, full of fun and mischief, and though not related to each other, both “sides” had a strong connection to lucky pennies that continues to be a big part of everyone in our family. When I found Studio Penny Lane and their gorgeous apothecary jars, I finally had the perfect way to capture that connection and share it with my family (and you)! In addition to the Penny/Pennies from Heaven jars, Studio Penny Lane offers other great apothecary jars in both amber and clear styles, glassware including mason jars, tumblers, coffee mugs, and gorgeous jewelry, including customizable order options.

Get 20% off your entire order with our exclusive promo code: StealsNDeals

A bit of my own history…

As kids, our paternal grandfather loved bringing us on adventures with his metal detector. We thought it was magic, especially when we discovered one of his favorite coins, the wheat penny, also known as the “Lincoln Cent” or, as our grandfather so eloquently called them, “toilet seats” for the pattern the wheat made around the sides of the penny!  Over 20 years since his passing, we always keep an eye out “wheaties” and whenever one finds its way to us, even to this day, we always take a moment to think of him and our wonderful times together.

Our maternal grandmother didn’t need a metal detector – she was a “found money” divining rod on her own. I can’t even place a number on the memories I have of her finding coins (and even dollars from time to time), but she gave us that same sense of magic with her uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time with found money.  Since her passing, whenever we come across found money, we always say “thank you, Nana!” and smile.

All of our grandparents were so loving and generous, and even when struggling financially, would not have hesitated to help out someone else in need. While my kids were too young to know their great-grandparents before their passing, they have “inherited” both the internal metal detection ability with lucky pennies, and the same generosity of their grandparents. Without being asked, the kids started putting the found coins into a fundraising or collection basket if there is one nearby.

When I saw the Studio Penny Lane Pennies from Heaven poem apothecary jar and the A Penny From Heaven apothecary jar, I knew I had a perfect holiday gift for each of the kids this year.  From now on, we’ll bring home each of the found coins and collect them in their jars and each time the jars are full, the kids can choose a cause or non-profit that they’d like to donate the funds to.

A bit about Studio Penny Lane…

Studio Penny Lane was founded by Laurie Wilson, who, after the loss of a dear friend who she considered her own “Penny from Heaven”, was inspired to follow her dreams and passion to make a difference in the world around her and to promote a global educational Movement fostering Mindful Awareness for children.

Per the Studio Penny Lane website, “the goal is to positively reset the direction of how we teach our children by eliminating patterns of negativity, fear and even helplessness, and replace them with the tools to love without condition, dream courageously, and recognize and nurture each child’s true gifts. Our intention is to empower youth to create positive change in their own lives and ultimately their families, schools, communities and the world. Studio Penny Lane was created in memory and in honor of the Morales family may this shed some light on an unspeakable tragedy. One penny, one child, one thought at a time.”

Be sure to check out founder Laurie Wilson’s moving TedX Talk here.

Studio Penny Lane generously provided the apothecary jars at no cost for our review and has offered to donate (directly) to a local charity for purchase made using our exclusive promo code. No other compensation was accepted for this post. Photo credit: Studio Penny Lane

Tea Collection Black Friday Sale is Live!

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The Tea Collection Black Friday sale is LIVE!

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Head over to Tea Collection and stock up on $10 leggings, $15 dresses, and everything else you need for babies, girls and boys. This is their biggest sale of the year and the best items sell out in the blink of an eye, so be sure to head on over so you don’t miss out. The sale even includes some of the gorgeous fall 2015 collection items!

We grabbed twill pants, some banded dresses, a skater dress, some tops and a TON of $10 and $12 leggings, since they go with absolutely everything, are so comfortable, and have the longest “life” of any leggings we have bought anywhere! Let us know what you scored in the comments.

Tea Collection Friends & Family Sale is HERE!

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Tea Collection is one of our family’s absolute favorite brands. The clothing is gorgeous, the designs are so unique and universally flattering, and it so durable! We have been known to size up, wear a dress a little big with leggings, then wear it the next year at the right size, and even the year after as a tunic with pants. Three years for one dress and we still love the pattern so much we’ll end up searching for it in a BIGGER size so we don’t have to let it go!

If you’ve already tried Tea Collection, you know what I’m talking about! If you haven’t tried Tea, now is the PERFECT time since they are having their annual Friends and Family sale and EVERYTHING is 25% off! Just click the link above, fill your cart, and enter code FAMILIA at checkout.

Be sure to let us know what you snagged! Tag us on Instagram (@StealsNDealsWithTSK) and Twitter (@StealsNDealsTSK) to show us how you and  your kiddos sport your favorite Tea Collection outfits!


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Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!


We’re celebrating our newly re-launched site, at our brand new address,! We want to share our excitement by running our first giveaway – with MANY more to come!

We’ve been sharing tips on becoming an Amazon product reviewer. We’ve been sharing TONS of great deals we’ve found on Amazon. Now it’s time to hook you up with a gift card to put towards those products & deals! We’re giving away a $5 gift card to Enter below and be sure to grab those additional entries for more chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway is open to legal residents of the United States, who are 18 and older. Enter now until 11:59 PM on 10/22/2015. No purchase necessary. This giveaway is sponsored in its entirety by StealsNDealsWithTSK and is subject to the terms, conditions and disclaimers detailed in the entry widget. This post contains affiliate links.

Being a Brand Ambassador – Tips, Tools & Resources


There are so many ways to help your favorite brands grow and flourish.  Word-of-mouth buzz, either positive or negative, is one of the oldest and most powerful ways to share experiences with products, services, companies, etc. With the power of social media, in all its forms, companies have recognized that taking an active role in empowering their customers to spread the word is a win-win-win.  It gives enthusiastic consumers an opportunity to try their products and services, either in advance of a wide-spread launch, or at a discounted rate. It gives the companies the honest feedback as well as the buzz to others about those products or services.  And it also gives the potential customers an opportunity to hear true, honest experiences (for better or worse) about something they may  not otherwise have known about, or may have been considering and were looking for more information and feedback before making a final decision.

There are two major arenas in which we actively participate to help spread the word about great companies, products & services.  There are other ways, of course, but primarily we participate as Brand Ambassadors and Product Reviewers (for us, this is mainly Amazon reviews but there are many other retailers that solicit product reviewers as well).  This series of blog posts will focus on Brand Ambassadorship, and we promise to have a series about Product Reviewing very soon.

Being a Brand Ambassador – which is also sometimes called being an Influencer, a WOM (Word-of-Mouth) Marketer, or a participant in UGC (User-Generated Content) – is about helping others find out about products, services, and companies.  For us, it is important that our friends, family and fans hear our honest opinions and we focus our energies on companies that offer products and services that align with our actual day-to-day lives and would be also appeal to the largest group of our friends, family & fans so you can, if you choose, use our experiences as one of the many factors in the decision-making process to commit to a new product, service, vacation, etc.!

To be a successful Brand Ambassador, both for yourself and for the companies with which you engage, there are really only a few criteria that are non-negotiable.  You must be honest, you must be responsive, and you must be willing to speak up.  Honesty is #1, as both your readers and the companies are counting on you to tell the truth about the product/service, without any bias.  You must be responsive, as many times companies and firms will require responses to surveys, questionnaires, or request that you blog, tweet, or post a video within a certain timeframe of receiving and trying the product/service and to have any face-to-face interactions within a certain timeframe as well, then report back to them on how it went.  And you have to be willing to “speak up” in order to successfully spread the word!  Whether that is through blog posts, Twitter parties or individual tweets, running a contest/giveaway, sharing photos or videos on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or Vine, or just talking to your friends, co-workers or family about the product or service!  If you can be honest, responsive and speak up on a regular basis, you can absolutely be a successful brand ambassador.  If you have a large reach, strong writing skills or are great in front of the camera, you will be up to your ears in opportunities!

If you are just getting started in the Brand Ambassador world, there are quite a few companies out there that offer great introductions and have strong user communities to give tips and guidance.  You can also search for their hashtags on social media to help you find and connect with others who participate with those companies.


Target Trip #3 – 70% Toy Clearance 2015

Trip3 70








We couldn’t resist swinging by YET another Target yesterday to see what they had for toy markdowns.  This was the first store where they had the 70% clearance sign posted in the toy department, so we were VERY hopeful…and we were NOT disappointed!

Here are some of the AMAZING deals we found last night:

trip3girl   trip3boy

  • Doc McStuffins 20 piece play set was marked down from $14.99 to $4.48
  • FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup marked down from $49.99 to $14.98
  • Chatsters Gabby Doll was marked down from $64.99 to $19.48
  • Monster High Frankie Stein doll was marked down from $12.99 to $3.88!
  • Zoomer the Robot Dog was marked down from $109.99 to $32.98
  • Hot Wheels Workshop Airbrush Auto Designer Set was marked down from $41.99 to $12.58
  • Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Skate Park was marked down from $49.99 to $14.98 – there were tons of the individual Circuit Boards on 70% clearance (and the accessories) as well!

We also saw Lego sets marked up to 50% off (no 70% yet) including Lego Chima, Lego City, Lego Ultra Agents, and Lego Guardian of the Galaxy sets!

Finally, another friendly reminder that even if the label is still marked 15%, 30% or 50% off, the price may be even lower so before you put it back thinking it’s still high, go check it at the Price Scanner!


We almost walked right by this adorable Melissa & Doug Decorate Your Own Mirror & Frame set, because it was marked down from $14.99 to $10.48 on the sticker (only 30% off). SO glad we checked it, as it rang up $4.48 (70% off)! P.S. It’s still $14.99 on the Target site and on!

Leave us a comment with what you found at your stores, and be sure to follow our social media accounts for more updates!

Target One Spot Back-To-School Finds (and Cartwheel Offer!)

We headed over to Target this morning in hopes of catching some great deals on the Annual Toy Clearance and while we were there, we had to check out The One Spot – and were so glad we stopped. Look at this adorable chalkboard sign, perfect for back-to-school photos! It’s marked $3 and you can use the “secret” Cartwheel offer for 30% off making it only $2.10 before tax.

Be sure to add the offer to your Cartwheel account before heading over there, you have to click the link (not a referral link) as it is not publicly available within the app.

As far as Toy Clearance, they haven’t marked down all that much at our local Target yet – most were still marked 30% – 50% off today (mostly 30%) and the toys weren’t yet consolidated into a single aisle, which is traditionally how they’ve displayed the big clearance. Not to worry – we’ll be hitting a few more Targets today and tonight and will keep you posted on any of our great finds!!

Let us know in the comments if you found any other great deals in the One Spot or in Toy Clearance in your local Target!

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Influenster’s Beat The Heat Summer Sweeps!

Join Influenster today for a chance to win a GoProHero4, Keurig 2.0, Influenster Tote Bag, or a MegaBox in their amazing Beat The Heat Summer Sweeps!! Influenster is a community for social media hotshots to share news, products, and reviews. Join now and flex your influence for rewards!  Follow my link to sign up!


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